Thursday, January 14, 2010

My two baby sisters.

I posted a picture of my older sister Kim last week because it was her birthday, and I post this picture of my younger sisters Karla and Jenny just because I want to. Karla found this one recently and put it up on Facebook, and it was always one of my favorite pictures from our childhood, so I'm glad it hasn't been lost.

Neither Karla or Jenny remember the picture being taken or how old they were exactly. They were born about a year apart, so I would guess they were no older than six and five, respectively.

Karla is amazed there is photographic evidence from this time where she was not covered in mud and band-aids, and Jenny believes that if she ever wants to determine what her true hair color is, this is the best starting reference.

They were super cuties, and they still are.


¡Karlacita! said...

We look crazy.

Crazy I tell you!

Matty Boy said...

You were high on life.

CDP said...

They were adorable, as I'm sure they remain.

Fran said...

All of youses haz "teh cute!"

I love this photo, it is so filled with life.

dguzman said...

Man, Karlacita hasn't changed a bit. She still looks that way... crazy.

Love her!

Jennifer said...

You know, those glasses were a form of child abuse. All of my girlfriends understand!! It's Little Miss Sunshine in the 1960's.