Wednesday, February 3, 2010

God gets Rickrolled

The Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas is a small congregation run by the Reverend Fred Phelps. The Reverend Phelps is by all accounts the world's leading authority on everything that God hates. Apparently, God hates homosexuals with a white hot hate and also hates anyone who doesn't hate gays as much as He does. The church's outreach program consists of sending parishioners around the country to protest whatever they think God hates this week, and so five of these worthies were dispatched to San Francisco to have a protest outside of the Twitter corporate headquarters.

The reason for God's hatred of Twitter is not completely clear, though if they were explained, I might very well agree with them.

Westboro Baptist hopes and prays for counter-demonstrations to meet their hate with more hate, but San Francisco had a surprise for them. The City That Knows How met hate with... absurdity. Blog buddies Princess Sparkle Pony and Namaste Nancy both have links to the many wonderful signs you could see at the counter protest, and links to their original source can be found here and here.

There were many wonderful signs, including of course I WAS PROMISED DONUTS, but I am particularly fond of the young ladies who decided to Rickroll the Almighty using the Westboro font and color scheme. Rickrollers are a bunch of well-meaning but misguided creatures who believe the Internet was constructed for the sole purpose of making sure Rick Astley's ghastly hit Never Gonna Give You Up is remembered for as long as electrons run through wires.

As someone who dislikes Rick Astley and has serious doubts about the nature and existence of the Almighty, let me say that this holy Rickrolling pleases me and is acceptable in my sight.

Here endeth the lesson.

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