Monday, February 22, 2010

The health of the nation.

Bob Dole, 86, is at a veteran's hospital. He had a bout of pneumonia and there were complications. He's getting the best care and he deserves it, but so do a lot of Americans who aren't getting the best care.

I wish Sen. Dole all the best.

Dick Cheney is in the hospital complaining of chest pains. He is not at a veteran's hospital because he is famously not a veteran. He had five deferments from military service and he's had just as many heart attacks, the first one at the age of 37. Still, he's getting good care on the public dime.

Mr. Cheney doesn't have a pacemaker, he has a portable defibrillator. From what I've heard, this machine will keep his heart beating after brain death.

I wish Mr. Cheney would get a fucking clue, but being evil is not counted as a pre-existing condition.


namastenancy said...

Are we sure that Cheney isn't the devil in disguise? That photo is a lot more frightening than any image of the devil that I've seen. It would make sense that he's come down (?), up (?) to earth to torture a few hundred thousand more earthlings because there is nothing the devil likes more than hurting folks. You don't have to believe in the devil as a "real" entity to recognize that Cheney has hurt or been responsible for killing and torturing a whole lot of people during his time on earth.
Now, I've got to look at a few photos of Indira to cleanse my mind of the image of this monster.

ken said...

Anybody mention that Dole is in a government-owned hospital being attended to by government employees at the government's expense? I wonder if the Republicans know he's a socialist.