Monday, February 22, 2010

If I were to pray to the God of Machines...

today would be as good a day as any and better than most.

Friday afternoon, my computer crashed. I usually don't turn the machine off, just put it in sleep mode, but Friday morning I shut it down and when I came home from class, it wouldn't turn back on. I took it to the shop and they said they'd have a look at it, but some of their equipment was on the fritz, so there won't be any word until today.

The good news is that the data appears to be retrievable, and if the problem is just the power supply the fix will be fairly easy.

If not, I may be in the market for a new computer. I haven't bought a computer in probably 20 years, maybe more. The one I used back in the 1990's was a gift from my friend Kevin; it still works for writing homework and quizzes, but is way too slow to hook up to the Internet today. My upgrade was a laptop I got as part of my payment for writing the Pascal's Triangle website, and that's what I'm using to write this post. It's slow and there are keys that don't work, like the Ctrl key, which slows work down considerably. The computer in the shop was a second hand computer from my friend Alan, a major upgrade over the seven year old laptop. I'm thinking about what I will buy if the news is bad today, but I'll wait for the verdict before deciding my next step.

As you can see, the illustration is from a O-L-D science fiction story about a computer-reliant alien race. Those wacky SF writers! Where did they get their crazy ideas? A race reliant on computers indeed! It sure would suck to be them.


BobManDo said...

For your consideration: My 7 year old "high end gaming" Alienware XP computer (bought from my son when he quit gaming cold turkey and got a Macbook as hs junior). The Alienware wasn't up to the task of doing screen capture and audio for a multimedia project so in December I got a Win 7 HP p6230f for $650. from Amazon. Quad core AMD... VERY FAST and even nicer with a second screen. I was amazed at what you can get for cheap these days. The old sleek shiny Alienware curvy box still looks very cool and is much sexier than the new HP. The Alienware stopped booting less then a month later so my timing was good. Got a great IDE/SATA USB2 enclosure to read the old HDs in the old machine. Life is good!

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for the tip, Bob. I don't need the fastest computer around, so I fully expect to get something that works for under a grand, especially since I have a working screen.