Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making fun of Utah: way too easy or essential to the republic?

Sometimes I think making fun of Utah and the Mormons is not fair. After all, the faith rejected polygamy 120 years ago after they looked at the practice prayerfully.

And after the U.S. government said they'd start seizing church property. You have to take that into account in any prayerful consideration.

But just when I get to thinking we should leave the nice white people in their magic underwear alone, they hand those of us in the reality based community a charming story like this.

You can't go wrong with an opening sentence like "Sen. Chris Buttars isn't talking about dropping 12th grade any more."

He was talking about dropping 12th grade. Now he just wants to make it optional.

The thing is, it already is optional, not just in Utah but all over the country. A student can opt for early graduation if he or she takes enough classes. It's hard work and it doesn't save much money, because the student still has to take as many units, but Sen. Chris Buttars (R) hasn't fully thought this through. His first idea was just to get rid of senior year because all his friends' kids say they just wasted time in senior year.

Did it occur to him that if 11th grade was the last year of mandatory education, his friends' kids would just waste time then? Probably not, hypothetical question asker.

By the way, if you read the story, everybody reached for comment is listed as R-Some Such Place. There are Democrats in Utah. In fact, they appear to be nearly a majority in Salt Lake City, but outside the city limits, it's the waste land snooty elitist outsiders always thought it was.

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Padre Mickey said...

As I stated on Facebook, perhaps they should eliminate the 7th grade, as no one learns anything that year.

WV= ingemom. I think that is a word they may want to use over at My Mom, The Style Icon.