Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Numbers, not math, about today's Republican Party.

Yesterday, a poll conducted by Research 2000 was published by the DailyKos website. The respondents all identified themselves as Republicans, and some of the results are remarkable. A lot of websites that have picked up the story show how much Republicans dislike and distrust Barack Obama and how much they love and admire Sarah Palin.

In other news, water is wet and rust never sleeps.

For me, the more remarkable numbers are the attitudes towards gays held by the Republicans. They oppose gays in the military by a 55% to 26% margin (19% unsure) and oppose gay marriage 77% to 7% (16% unsure), but they oppose openly gay teachers in the public schools by an astounding 73% to 8% (19% unsure).

These people would vote overwhelmingly for the Briggs Initiative, which failed in California thirty two years ago. The initiative, numbered Proposition 6 in 1978, would have banned gays from teaching in public schools and was a major plot point in the movie Milk. People may now think the Briggs Initiative was Harvey Milk vs. Anita Bryant, but a lot of people weighed in on the topic against the obviously discriminatory and unconstitutional proposal, including Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, who wrote in an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle on the Sunday just before the election. This quote is from that editorial.

“Whatever else it is, homosexuality is not a contagious disease like the measles. Prevailing scientific opinion is that an individual's sexuality is determined at a very early age and that a child's teachers do not really influence this.”

Republicans say they love Reagan. They also say they love Jesus, though they only pick and choose the stuff He said that they will listen to.

I was reading comments on other blogs about this poll, and someone said that Republicans are basically nice people who are stuck at an emotional age between 5 and 10, with strong feelings that if someone isn't like them, they cannot like that someone. That got me to thinking.

There was a statement Bush made on Sept. 21, 2001, "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." A thinking person might feel a little pause when hearing that, worried about just how big a blank check this guy is going to ask us to cash. The average Republican, on the other hand, hears God's own truth coming forth from the mouth of a righteous man.

To quote the mother of us all, Princess Sparkle Pony:

"And this is the essence to which the GOP has been boiled down, like a toxic caramel."

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