Thursday, February 11, 2010

They didn't have time for a second take?

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush made a joint commercial to ask people to give generously to help people in Haiti. Good for them. You'll recall Clinton and Bush the Elder did the same thing after the big tsunami hit in the Indian Ocean when Bush the Younger was still in office.

But have you seen the ad itself? Take a look.

My dear friend Mina Millett told a story about a directing class she took in college. After watching some fellow students do a scene they had blocked out where the characters were eating, her first comment was "This is a scene about a carrot."

This is an ad about George W. Bush's thumb.

Who directed this? Couldn't he or she have done another take or zoomed in slightly or just told Bush to stop fidgeting? You'd think the guy had never been on camera before.


Padre Mickey said...

I thought Dubya almost started moving his lips while readings Big Dog's lines. . .

dguzman said...

It was bad enough when Big Georgie teamed up with Bill. Now it's the Idiot King? And sweet jeebus, yeah--they shoulda zoomed in a bit so we didn't have to watch the idiot fidget like a toddler.

And who the hell cuts his hair? A lawnmower?