Thursday, February 25, 2010

The two blogs: compare and contrast.

Let's get things clear. This is The Blog and It's News 2 Them™ is The Other Blog. At the end of March, this blog will be three years old and The Other Blog will be three months old. This blog has had about 250,000 visits, the Other Blog is just over 3,000.

But the growth potential for the younger sibling looks very bright indeed.

After all, what is this blog? It's some old guy talking about the stuff that interests him. Pop culture, politics, lolz, math, giant women, whatever.

There is some appeal, granted. I have people who read this blog everyday, the number is probably around 100. Currently, there are also about 400 visitors a day who stop by usually to look at some image in the archive, from Val Kilmer to transparent globes to analog clocks.

All well and good.

What is the possible appeal of The Other Blog?

Tattooed strippers.

In the long run, if I keep both blogs going, it won't be a contest.

1 comment:

dguzman said...

Yeah, but THIS blog has Melissa Theuriau.

'Nuff said!