Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Attention, sports fans!

If you want to get a crowd roused up for a health care march, who should you have out in front?

None other than Crazy George Henderson, one of the only honest to Lenny cheerleaders in professional sports, in that he actually leads cheers. In 1968, he lead cheers for San Jose State when he was a student. He was also on the judo team. Since then, he has worked for the Oakland A's, the San Jose Giants (minor league), the San Jose Earthquakes (soccer), the Kansas City Chiefs, the Houston Oilers, and a whole passel of other teams across the the United States and Canada.

At this health rally, he didn't bring his drum, so I assume he was not paid to be there, just a concerned citizen.

Good on ya, Crazy George!

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CDP said...

Perhaps he'll help Rush Limbaugh make good on his promise to move to Costa Rica.