Saturday, March 6, 2010

The growth rate at The Other Blog

I've been blogging here at Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do for just under three years. The new blog It's News 2 Them™ is now in its tenth week. The difference in the growth patterns is remarkable.

This blog is just me blabbing about whatever. When I started, there would be about 20 visits per day. If you look at the graph, the purple line that represents this blog made a big jump from week 3 to week 4, almost all of that increased interest due to publishing a picture of Miss Elizabeth Kucinich and putting in a link on Buzzfeed. That extra interest lasted only a few days and the number of visitors on a regular day slowly rose to about 40 visits per day by week 6, where it stayed for several months.

It's News 2 Them™ has a lot more natural viewer interest, since it's about all kinds of celebrities all the time. Since the blog began last December, googlebot shows up nearly every day to find linkable stuff and when people Google certain celebrities, my new blog shows up on their searches. This means the viewership has been growing very rapidly, much more quickly than this blog grew at its inception. The new blog also started with about 20 viewers a day, but by week six that had jumped to 80 visits a day, and now in week 10 it's at about 120 visits a day.

This blog has about a 33 month head start on the new blog and I get a lot more readers here every day, between 400 and 500. In the entire history of this blog, over a quarter million people have shown up here, while the new blog hasn't had 5,000 total visitors yet. But the growth rate of the new kid on the block has been remarkable, and if I keep writing both blogs for at least a couple more years, I get the feeling that this will become The Other Blog and It's News 2 Them™ will be considered my main blog.

Stay tuned.


Fran said...

I read both of your blogs, but consider this a home of sorts since we blog-met at PSP in 2007. I tend to look at the other blog only via the FB links.

I love them both, for different reasons, but as I said, this feels like home to me.

But hey- it's your blog, not my home!

susan s. said...

They're both on my blog list. So I see them every time you make an entry. It's not my home, but part of my daily routine!

Zoey and Me said...

I can never understand what I call the fickled number of hits to my blog. If Crooks & Liars picks up a post on my blog I get over a thousand hits in two days, my meter looks like it's spinning. Then drops to 50 plus hits daily and stays there until someone else picks up something. Granted, some people come back because they just discovered the blog and liked what they saw but my "followers" box never grows, my email does. I have more email than comments; more daily emails from people who could sign up as a follower; and if you try NOT posting for a day or so wait and see what happens. . . OMG! So I think "fickled" is a good word for it. Enjoy your numbers Matty.