Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making heroes out of cowards.

In America, we have always shown reverence for the Founding Fathers. The clearest manifestation now is the grumblings of a bunch of old white people who have called their movement the Tea Party. It's not surprising that their message is one of unfocused violence, because they have decided that cowardly scum were actually heroes, a lie we have been feeding impressionable kids for over two hundred years now.

The men who led the original Boston Tea Party, the most famous of their number being Sam Adams, were a bunch of racist vandals. I work on a college campus where vandalism is a fact of life, and I have a hard time making heroes out of people destroying other people's property, whatever the reason. Worse than that, they dressed up as Indians, if I can use the quaint term we learned back in the day when I first heard this story in school. It was a stupid ruse and everybody saw through it at the time, but these weasels lied about it anyway. You have to imagine the guys who thought it was clever were pretty well liquored up when they decided it was worth a go. I always think of these jerks as the inspiration for people like the child murderer Susan Smith or the woman who put a backwards B on her forehead during the 2008 election, people who commit awful acts and throw the blame on some made up scary black guy.

If you are going to make heroes of cowards, the next logical step is to commit cowardly acts yourself, and that is the story this week from the Tea Party crowd. There have been several acts of vandalism and many threats of violence from these creeps this week, most targeting the offices of Democratic lawmakers. One of these self-proclaimed constitutional scholars decided to vandalize the home of a brother of a congressman. Do they think this makes them look serious?

These unstable idiots are being egged on by jerks on talk radio. I am loath to predict the future, but I do not see this ending until blood is spilled, until these deluded so-called patriots and revolutionaries kill somebody. I don't know what will happen after that. I expect that it will splinter the already fractured Tea Party movement even further. The assholes that think they are the modern day equivalent of the racist coward Sam Adams will want more violence, while a lot of everyday folks will realize this isn't a second American Revolution, just an extension of the white Reign of Terror that plagued the South when I was young, the last gasps of stupid people on the losing side of history.


Fran said...

I feel a lot of fear around this. Your excellent post articulates so much.

Anonymous said...


Padre Mickey said...

I'm not a nationalist, so I've never really been one for Founding Father's idolatry. Also, the majority of my primary education was not in the U.S., so I was never fully indoctrinated as a 'murican.

I've been thinking about this Founding Father mythology lately, too. The image I'm getting is of our Founding Fathers, traveling about on beams of light, their moral and racial purity glowing from their skin, as they receive Divine Messages from Our Heavenly Father, whom, after several millennia supporting the rights of kings and emperors and feudal lords to rule over others and enslave even more folks, suddenly becomes enamored of the idea of Democracy and bestows it upon White Land-owning Males on the East coast of the center of the North American continent. So, of course Health Care for everyone goes against the will of both our Heavenly and Founding Fathers.

I believe this is the Country our Obsessed-With-Steeped-Beverages friends hope to reclaim.

Anne said...

Oh wow. Samuel Adams deconstructed! I'm only a pro-US Brit so all this is news to me. (Do I detect a note of snobbery in Wikipedia: "A graduate of Harvard College, he was an unsuccessful businessman and tax collector before concentrating on politics"?) But if what you say is true, he can go boil his head. Palin & co are a menace, and boy, did you dodge a bullet there.

For the time being.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Very articulate, indeed.
One of the things I try to consistently do is call this "the tea bagger movement" rather than the "tea party movement."
While both might be well-known phrases in the gay community (a tea party is an afternoon dance at a gay bar), I prefer tea bagger because it means putting one's balls into someone's mouth.
And the Republicans and far right seem to love that sort of thing, as long as it's clandestine. ;)

Matty Boy said...

Fran: It is sad how inevitable this feels. All it takes is one guy who thinks he's a killer for righteousness.

Z&M: Thanks.

Padre: Founding Father fetishism is a very creepy aspect of our country. Their collective cowardice about slavery lead to a grotesque slaughter, but what did they care? They were all dead and buried by the time the shit hit the fan.

Anne: I watched The Adams Chronicles a while back, and even though it smacks of the idolatry the Padre talks about, reading between the lines you get a picture of what a bunch of whiners the colonists were.

KZ: I want to call them The Tea Party because I want them to read this without feeling the prejudice they feel when called teabaggers, If they read it all the way through, this really is several well-aimed kicks to sensitive areas.