Friday, March 5, 2010

Random 10, 3/5/10

Twisting They Might Be Giants
Toledo Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach
It Hurts Me Too Elmore James
Ophelia The Band
J'attends Une Navire Teresa Stratas
King UB40
Cold Cold Ground Tom Waits
Hooray For Love Ella Fitzgerald

The first Random 10 on the new computer certainly qualifies as random. 9 of 10 from The You Tubes, the only thing missing is a Kurt Weill song with French lyrics. I found another soprano singing it on the music website, but Teresa Stratas is that cut above when it comes to interpreters of Weill.

I'm not a big Sinatra fan, but I do love listening to his voice on this song I can take or leave. He had a remarkable instrument. The song is on my computer because it was on the Sopranos soundtrack album, and the YouTube video is of that scene. We close with Ella, who comes from the same era as Frank, but the difference is that I love Ella unreservedly.

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