Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Documentary Tuesday:
My Kid Could Paint That

Here is the second in my series of reviews of little seen documentaries, Amir Bar-Lev's My Kid Could Paint That. The film follows the story of young Marla Olmstead, who begins painting at the age of 4 and quickly becomes a success, with her paintings selling for a total of well over $300,000. (The film, in contrast, made only $231,574 when in theaters according to Box Office Mojo.) She is profiled on 60 Minutes II and a child psychologist is brought in to look at the art and of film showing Marla working. The psychologist is very skeptical that Marla painted all the work attributed to her and the film becomes a mystery looking into the possibility that Marla's parents perpetrated a fraud. The documentary does not come to a definitive conclusion on the topic, but the conflict makes the story more compelling and the emotions of the people involved often say more than their words.

I highly recommend My Kid Could Paint That as a look not only into the art world but into the human heart, which is not always as pretty and innocent as a clever four year old's paintings.


namastenancy said...

It's a really interesting movie and I could not make up my mind if the child was a prodigy or not. Frankly, I wasn't that impressed with her art work but then I might have been biased because I am a painter (and an adult, sort of), In the end, I'm not sure that I cared - only that she be protected from those around her who were less than honest and ethical. I don't remember the date of the film - how old would she be now?

Matty Boy said...

Wikipedia says she was born in 2000, but they don't give a date, so she's nine or ten now.