Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here's my favorite on Monday.

I'm not really a sports fan. If I have a reason to follow sports, like a friend who likes the game or being invited into a fantasy football league, I'll follow some sport, but it's not something my heart is really into. In fact, in college basketball, I watched my first game from start to finish this afternoon, when there are only three games left.

But this adorable puppeh with the towel is Butler Blue II, the mascot for the upstart Butler Bulldogs, a number five seed that made it to the Final Four in Indianapolis, a short drive away from their campus. They will play for the national title after beating another number five seed, the historically strong program from Michigan State.

Cuz you gots 2 lub the li'l wrinkley puppehs!

gots 2 gots 2 gots 2 gots 2...

I haz spoken!

1 comment:

Abu Scooter said...

That's a cute puppeh, all right. And judging from his behavior after the game, The Coolest Dog in the Universe.