Saturday, April 17, 2010

I knew the day would come, I just didn't think it would be this soon.

This blog is now in its third year. My other blog It's News 2 Them™ is not yet four months old yet. But on April 16, the younger sibling had a slightly better day than the elder for the very first time.

This slightly confusing bar chart at the left is about visits and page views. The gray and cyan bars which look like filter tip cigarettes are the visits and page views for the baby blog, respectively, while the taller bars in yellow and red are the visit and page views representing the number of visitors per day at this blog.

Hi, daily visitor! Nice to see you.

But this Friday, instead of the grey and blue bar chart being dwarfed by the yellow and red, there were both more visits to the Other Blog 443 to 427, and more page views, 664 to 613.

While not a dominant victory for the younger website, it does give an idea of how fast it is growing. Of course, I know it makes sense. This blog is about whatever I want to write about. The other blog is about the troubles and heartbreaks of famous people. It has a much larger natural audience, and when The Google lets enough people know that it exists, It's News 2 Them™ will be the more popular of the two blogs I write every day and this blog, my beloved first baby, will be The Other Blog, at least in terms of visitor popularity.

They grow up so fast. I just didn't expect the younger one to grow like Topsy.

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