Monday, April 19, 2010

People send me stuff, Part 2

Yesterday I put up a post about friends and family who are not among My People sending me pictures of giant women. Today the post is about what I get from friends who are among My People.

Steve was one of the first people I met from the community of giantess admirers, and our friendship goes back nearly twenty years. This week, he sent me a link to this You Tube video of Dan Meyer, a California high school math teacher discussing the need to change the math curriculum to emphasize patient problem solving. The presentation is twelve minutes long and I liked it very much.

I know what you are thinking, gentle reader. "Twelve whole minutes of a guy talking about math? Can't you give us a lesson in patient problem solving that's faster?"

It's worth our time to think about the education process, and given my particular point of view, the teaching of math is one of the most important parts. Dan's talk is worth twelve minutes of your time. He talks about Deadwood and Two And A Half Men if that's any added incentive.

Thanks again to my friend Steve for sending this to me.

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