Friday, April 16, 2010

Random 10, 4/16/10

Go Now The Moody Blues
Stupid Girl Garbage
Men Called Uncle Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Rider In The Rain Randy Newman
She Said She Said The Beatles
Fallen From The Sky Glen Hansard
Veteran's Day Matthew Hubbard

I stand by each and every song on this list. Great, great, great stuff.

Songwriters? How about The One True Elvis, Randy, John and Paul, Mr. Tom Waits and Miss Nina Simone?

As Gene Hackman said in Hoosiers, "That's my team out on the court."

No disrespect to Denny Laine singing the hell out of a Bessie Banks song, or Glen Hansard's strong use of a simple drum machine, or the Eurythmics' great hit right out of the blocks.

Hell, even that Matthew Hubbard guy could write a catchy tune.

But what would be the featured tune of this Random 10?

Hypothetical question asker, I think this picture speaks for itself.

Especially after I added the captions.


Padre Mickey said...

"Veteran's Day" is my favorite Matthew Hubbard song.

Matty Boy said...

My songs are like children to me, so I don't pick a favorite, but I completely understand if someone likes this one best of all.