Sunday, May 16, 2010

Favorite fantasy comedy is...

I could put up a second round of voting, but The Princess Bride is the only movie on the list that showed up on more than 50% of the ballots, so I'm going to give it the nod.

Besides being a good romantic adventure movie, I think it is the Highlight Reel™ for many of the actors involved. You could argue it is the best thing in the careers of Cary Elwes and Robin Wright Penn, and it is also my favorite work of Mandy Patankin, Chris Sarandon, Billy Crystal, Fred Savage and definitely Andre The Giant.

If not for This Is Spinal Tap, it would also be my favorite movie directed by Rob Reiner. It is certainly not the best work in the careers of Peter Falk, Peter Cook, Wallace Shawn or Christopher Guest, but only because they have done better work than the very good work they did here.

Next up: Horror comedy! Oooooh, scary, kids!

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