Monday, May 17, 2010

Wherein the title of the post is given at the end, for surprise comic effect.

In 1996, during the resurgence of popularity of board and card games, James Ernest released Give Me The Brain, a fast paced card game about zombies working at a fast food restaurant. The idea of the game is to complete all your tasks so you can leave. Some tasks only require one hand, some require two hands or three hands, but the most difficult tasks require not just two hands but the brain. There is only one brain in the entire operation, so you have to win an auction to get the use of the brain.

Many minutes of jovial fun time could be shared by all.

Of course, I am not a zombie working at a fast food restaurant. I am a clerk with the 2010 United States Census. I don't even know why my new job would remind me of this game.

Okay, I'm lying. I know why.

Welcome to Census Week!

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