Sunday, June 13, 2010

Be sure to fill in the pool results.

Who did you put down as the first European team to win a game in this World Cup? The correct answer is Slovenia.
Did you put down France or England or Greece?
Tee hee. You don't know much about football, do you?

How about the first Asian team to win a game?
Did you write down that no Asian team would win a game in this World Cup?
Oh, ye of little faith.
The correct answer is South Korea.

First African squad to win a game?
The correct answer is Ghana.
With ten men on the field.
On a penalty kick given away because of a ridiculously bad hand ball by Serbia.
(Extra points if you got all the details.)

First South American team to win a game?
The correct answer is Argentina.
Frankly, this one wasn't all that tough, unless you thought Uruguay would beat France or the Nigerians would hold the Argentines to a draw.

First North American squad to notch three points?
We are still waiting for that. Mexico had their chance, as did the United States. Next in line is Honduras against Chile in the wee small hours on Wednesday. Personally, I like Mexico's chances against France on Thursday.

The tournament is not yet three days old, and the wacky is already happening.

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