Wednesday, June 9, 2010

But I never did like it all that much and one day, the axe just fell.

I got let go from the census today. I got the call this morning after my graveyard shift was over. I had hoped to last another week to try to overcome my general broke-assedness, but that was not to be.

My friend Mina Millett used to say she could stand anything for eight weeks. I lasted nine. My friend Mike Strickland warned me that I wouldn't enjoy it and he was right. Even so, I think I got in more hours this way than I would have as an enumerator.

For a lot of people in the office, $16.50 an hour (or $18.15 if working hours between 6 pm and 6 am) was a nice boost in pay. For me, it was about a quarter of what I make a teacher per hour and the work was deeply dull, while teaching is almost always an interesting challenge. Of course, the hourly rate for teaching doesn't factor in preparation, but still, I have no plans to leave academia for a career in office work.

To the nice folks I met, I wish you all the best. To my supervisors at the office, which has a small intersection with the nice folks, you'll be happy not to see me and I'll be happy not to see you.

And back to the broke-assedness, with the benefit of not working graveyard shift and riding my bike in the dark.


CDP said...

Well, I'm sorry you're losing the income but at least you won't miss the work. (PS--I'm afraid that fishing boats outside Delacroix aren't hiring right now, either).

sfmike said...

Way to survive. What is it about the structure of the census bureau that seems to bring out the worst people as supervisors, particularly in the office? I'm still working as Crew Leader Assistant out in the field, where people tend to be much nicer. Still, I'm counting the hours until the damned thing is through.

namastenancy said...

I am sorry that you won't be getting the salary but you have my deepest sympathies for dealing with the idiotic management. I endured the same when I worked for UC and used to think that there must be secret lab where they grew these a*(0holes out of toxic sludge.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks to all who commented. In general, I don't reach Jimmy McNulty levels of hatred for management, but at the census it's a special thing. We are all just a bunch of temps, and the temps that are lifted up to ride herd over the rest of us have not enough power to offer a carrot and a mandate to show us the stick. Some of them were nice enough people, but there were more than a few that I was sorely tempted to take aside and 'splain some of the basics of what is acceptable and what isn't, as an older person to a younger person.

Who knows? Very soon, I may never care again whether a capital J has a serif or not. Or it might haunt me the rest of my days.

Danielk said...

Just because you don't work for the census, it don't mean that you don't count.