Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Election day in California

I should have posted this earlier, but working the graveyard shift still has my internal clock seriously messed up.

The primary election is today. I can't even vote for the only candidate I met this year, Michael Nava, the lawyer/novelist running for Superior Court judge in San Francisco. I met Mr. Nava through my blog buddy sfmike of Civic Center and I see that he has picked up a string of endorsements running against a sitting judge. I wish him all the best.

The two choices on the ballot I feel strongly about are Proposition 16 and Proposition 17, both of which I am against.

Proposition 16 is a power grab funded by PG&E. They want a two thirds majority vote before any public money is spent anywhere to get into the electricity business. If the vote was a simple majority, I could see arguments in favor of this. At two-thirds majority, this is just PG&E making sure they screw us in perpetuity. Please vote no.

Proposition 17 would allow insurance companies to lower or raise your insurance rates when you get a new policy depending on whether you currently are insured or not. The state made it illegal to change rates based on this and Mercury Insurance wants to make it legal again. They say they want to offer drivers in such circumstances discounts, but you will notice the language of the proposition allows them to screw drivers in that situation. Please vote no.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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