Friday, June 4, 2010

Final score for Random 10, 6/4/10: Tom Waits 3, Elvis Costello 2

Way Down In The Hole Blind Boys Of Alabama
Here's To The Ladies Who Lunch Barbara Walsh
Rocking Horse Road Elvis Costello
Take It With Me Anne Sofie Von Otter
Is It A Crime? Sade
So It Goes Nick Lowe
Bad Connection Yaz
Georgia Lee Tom Waits
I Got The Feelin' James Brown
Whole Wide World Wreckless Eric

Usually, I consider the Random 10 an exhibition and not a competition (please, no wagering). At most, I have small competitions between the decades or the centuries (there are four recordings here from the 21st Century, by the way), but this week we have three songs written by Tom Waits (#1, #4 and #8, naturally), while Elvis writes and sings #3 and produces #4.

There are other ways some of the other artists might proclaim the "win" this week.

Nick Lowe: "Does anyone else wear a shiny green Riddler jacket?" No, Nick, you have a point.
James Brown: "Does anyone else got the feelin' like Mr. James Brown?" No, Mr. Brown, nobody else.
Wreckless Eric: "Would anyone else go the whole wide world just to find her?" Another excellent argument.

But since it's my blog, I'm going to hand a surprise victory to Sade for the lyric for My People And Our Agenda,

My love is taller, taller than the Empire State,
My love is wider, wider than Victoria Lake...

Sometimes, it's good to be the umpire.

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Margaret Benbow said...

If only the natives had offered this big blond woman as King Kong's bride, it would have saved a lot of trouble and grief.