Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not this time for Africa.

Brazil is playing Ronaldo free in South Africa. No Ronaldo, no Ronaldinho. In fact, the guy wearing #9 this time around is Luis Fabiano.

A Brazilian striker with a two name nickname. It's a disgrace. How did this impostor do?

Two goals. Both of them astounding. Brazil beats Ivory Coast 3-1.

The only thing is... the second beautiful goal? He touched the ball with his arm. Twice. The ref and assistant ref missed both of them.

Brazil is too good to be given goals for free. But to make up for it, the referee threw out the Brazilian striker Kaká when the game was already decided. He misses the next game as well.

So now, every African team has played twice. Only Ghana has won a game outright, and if they don't get a result against Germany in their third and final game, they could be going home.

This is the first time the huge world contest has been played on the African continent and hopes were high for the African squads to do well, but in general, they have played miserable and uninspired football. Cameroon is already eliminated and Nigeria might as well be. Every game in Group C has been a draw except for the loss Slovenia handed to Algeria.

And to top it off, all the bad play from African squads pales in comparison to the awful officiating from the ref from Mali who took a win away from the United States.

The title of this post is stolen from the title of the official song of these games, Waka Waka (This Time For Africa). Because I am in a pandering mood today, I present the English version of the Shakira video for this song. If there was a Premiere League for booty shaking, and that is not a bad description of pop music today, Shakira would have won at least two Player of the Year awards this decade, and likely a few Golden Butt and Silver Butt trophies as well.

'Cos she's reeeeeeal purdy.


dguzman said...

Well, I don't recall that any African teams were ever really any good, so this doesn't come as a surprise.

Matty Boy said...

The continent has sent one team to the round of 16 in each of the last five competitions. It was hoped they might send two this time around. It looks more like one or maybe none if Ghana gets unlucky.