Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rooting for Paraguay now?

The quarterfinals for the World Cup are now set and the games will be played this Friday and Saturday. Some people expected we might see a few African squads do well, but the only representation they have among the eight teams still competing is Ghana. The big surprise is how well the South Americans are doing. Besides the usual suspects Brazil and Argentina, both Uruguay and Paraguay are still in the tournament. Due to the luck of the draw, we could have an all South American semi-final in the somewhat unlikely event that all four of the teams win their games this week.

Argentina's head coach Diego Maradona has vowed to run through the streets naked if Argentina wins the whole thing. Not to be outdone, Paraguayan lingerie model Larissa Riquelme has made a similar offer should Paraguay be the 2010 champion.

One of these vows is a promise, while the other is more like a threat. I'll let you figure out which one.

A few comments.

1. Am I rooting for Paraguay now? Mmmm, not so much. As cute as Ms. Riquelme is (very, very cute), Paraguay is the worst offensive team still in the tournament, only scoring three goals in regulation time in their first four games, two against the porous Slovakian defense.

2. It's not like finding nekkid and near nekkid pictures of Larissa Riquelme is a very difficult quest on the Internets of 2010.

Hypothetical Question Asker also has a few things he'd like to say.

Storing a cell phone in one's cleavage?
Is this what the young people are doing these days?
Will Ms. Riquelme single-handedly or double-boobedly start a new trend?
Can the camera option be set off accidentally?
Or maybe by remote control by wishing really, really hard?

I'm sorry, Hypothetical, I do not have the answers for any of your questions. I can say that given Ms. Riquelme's bodacious tatas, she could carry even a more antique model of a cell phone in her cleavage just as easily.

Just sayin'.


susan s. said...

I think that if the phone were any bigger than the one she currently sports there would be no room for at least one of the bodacious tatas.

sfmike said...

Fuck you, of course we're rooting for Paraguay and it has nothing to do with tatas. They Are Underdog! And thank you for supplying a photo of Their Number One Boobilicious Fan. I believe your readers neeed more.