Monday, June 21, 2010

Suffering under cruel regimes. Not just for foreigners anymore.

At nearly every World Cup, there is at least one match that is a flat out embarrassment, and since the field has been increased to 32 teams, the probability of an awful mismatch has risen to a near certainty.

There are still more matches to play in the round robin tourneys, but the game that looks like it will take this year's Bambi Meets Godzilla award is North Korea getting shellacked 7-0 by Portugal, a squad that played the Ivory Coast to a terrible 0-0 draw in their first match. Way back in 1966, Portugal and North Korea played an exciting 5-3 match in the knockout round, with Portugal finishing on top on goals by the first African football superstar Eusebio, who was born in the Portuguese colony of Mozambique.

Being from Northern California, I can empathize with the poor North Korean fans, as East Bay football fans are tormented by the uglier and older brother of Kim Jong Il, the senile and vicious tyrant Kim Jong Al. Everyone realizes that neither of these despots will ever give up power voluntarily, and those who thirst for freedom and a better life must wait like vultures for the Grim Reaper to sweep these human plagues away.

Sadly, even the escape provided by their inevitable deaths is thwarted, as both seem prepared to have their respective idiot sons take the reigns of power from their cold dead hands.

Oh, bitter fate!


susan s. said...

Where did I hear that the North Korean fans at the games are actually Chinese people hired by the NK Government because they can't let anyone out of the country to come to the games? NPR, I think.

Abu Scooter said...

Dream up this frightening image: Al Davis not just calling plays, but using telepathy to beam them directly to Jamarcus Russell. No coach necessary!

Maybe that's why the Raiders have sucked so hard lately.