Saturday, June 26, 2010

Take a hint, Dick.

Dick Cheney is evil. I don't say this about everyone I disagree with politically, but in his case, the description is accurate.

Let me be clear. I am not comparing Cheney to Adolf Hitler. That would break Godwin's Law, a rule I believe in deeply. Nor I am not comparing him to Stalin or Charles Manson.

Those people are losers and clowns. They are the Chicago Cubs of evil.

Dick Cheney is a member of the New York Yankees of evil. The truly successful villains are the ones who die quietly in their sleep surrounded by family and loved ones. Dick Cheney is like the guy who invented the concept of the pre-existing condition. Dick Cheney is the spiritual brother of the writer of the memo at Ford that said it was cheaper to pay the benefits to the families of people who would die in defective Pintos than it was to fix the defects in Pintos.

Dick Cheney is the textbook example of how evil wins.

Though I am in general a non-believer in most things supernatural, I do believe people have souls. I consider the heart to be a physical thing unconnected to the soul, so in my world view, it is just coincidence that Dick Cheney has a rotten soul and a worse heart.

Dick Cheney's heart has been trying to kill him for about 32 years now. He has had six official heart attacks and has been hospitalized several other times for chest pains, including this week. He also an Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator or ICD, a little electronic device in his chest that makes it nearly impossible for his defective heart to kill him, no matter how many times it tries or how badly he abuses his cardiovascular system.

Not every thing modern medicine can do is a blessing. I don't know how devout Mr. Cheney is. I expect not very. With every painful tightening of his badly designed chest, he must know a judgment is waiting, and that his best hope is for meaningless oblivion.

Take a hint, Dick. Jud Crandall in Pet Sematary said it best.

Sometimes, dead is better.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Typical liberal. Spend all your time and energy making the insults clever rather than devoting a moment's energy to wondering if there is some other way of looking at things. One more example for my vast collection that liberalism is a social club, not an intellectual conclusion.

And you got Godwin's Law wrong as well.

Fran said...

Well put Matty, well put.

Peregrin said...

O aptly-named one,

Pretty sure Matt got Godwin's law right.

Or are you saying that it IS appropriate to compare Cheney to Hitler?