Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This working for a living... not as much fun as they let on.

Let me make a criticism of soccer as a soccer fan. 0-0 draws are almost always miserable to watch. You might come away with a "we wuz robbed" moment or be on the opposite end of that feeling, realizing your team escaped from a stinging defeat. More than likely, 0-0 draws mean really sad offense on both sides. The U.S. and Algeria played this morning and the game was 0-0 into the 91st minute. England was finally winning a game, so it looked like the Yanks were about to be yanked from the competition.

And then Landon Donovan hits a calm, cool and collected rebound shot and the U.S. wins the game and finishes first in their group.

I heard about all of this and the heartbreaking almost goals and all the action in the game after the fact because I had to prepare for class. Grrrr!

What does finishing first mean? The next game for the Yanks is Ghana. The next game for the second place Limeys is Germany.

One of these games is easier than the other. I'll let you guess which one.

Work is going to keep me away from half of the round of 16 matches and all the semifinals, but I should have time to watch all the quarterfinals and OBVIOUSLY the Grand Final.

I do love this tournament. I loved the first one I kept track of way back in 1966 and I loved all the ones in between. Football is a lovely game at this level.

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