Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When was the last time you went three for three on election day, Matty Boy?

Let's see, hypothetical question asker. How about never? How about this is the first time.


Suck on it, PG&E. Your two thirds majority election idea went down in flames.

Don't try to raise our rates to make up for the money you shelled out to lose, bitches!

Oh, and next time Willie Brown tries to pretend he's a liberal, remember that PG&E bought his candy ass support for this failed piece of crap.

All y'all lose.


Suck on it, Mercury Insurance. You are cited for customer complaints more than any other insurance company in the state, and trying to buy a new law didn't work.

Thanks, about 52% of the California voters, for seeing through both these attempts at theft. Who knows, this democracy thing just might work after all.


(photo by Mike Strickland of the Civic Center blog)

And last but not least, excellent mystery writer Michael Nava was the top vote getter in the race for Superior Court judge in San Francisco. He got 45.5% of the vote while the incumbent Richard Ulmer, appointed by Schwarzenegger, got 41.9% of the vote. As far as I can tell, this means a run-off in November!

Go, Michael Nava! We need folks like you as judges!

Also, if you are a fan of mystery novels, give him a shot. He can make a chapter about a procedural hearing suspenseful. Seriously.

And to sum up.



Abu Scooter said...

I wasn't as happy to hear that Prop 14 passed. Score another one for directly purchased elections. But I'm very happy to see 16 and 17 fail. Not a bad trade, actually.

It's also nice to see Nava through to the runoff in SF.

Yay!! Or, as they say in the East: Booyah!

Matty Boy said...

The thing about Prop. 14 is I don't see how they keep people from doing what Joe Lieberman did and declaring themselves "independent".

We will see in the long run.

This might warn other corporations not to spend millions of dollars to try to change the laws for their benefit and lose with no opposition other than the League of Women Voters and newspaper endorsements against.

Again, the long run is the operative term.

sfmike said...

The Nava election was a nice surprise. You might as well join the campaign in the fall. Should be fun.