Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gittin' Paid (a little) and Not Gittin' Paid (a lot)

My summer session is now over and my hefty paycheck that is supposed to last me three months will be in my hot little hands tomorrow. The district was paying for office hours during the Fall and Spring semesters, but it doesn't pay for them during the Summer session, so as usual, I was working several hours for free this term. Because of budget cuts, there's talk that part-timers will not be paid for office even during the regular terms this next academic year.

You might recall me whinin' during the recent Week O' Whinin about not gittin' paid the so-called parity pay. That is a completely separate act of theft by my major employer against some of its most vulnerable employees, while the upper management gets by on pay in the low six figures. That situation may get resolved in favor of all the part-timers some time in the hopefully not-t00-distant future, but lawyers are involved, so it's anybody's guess how it will be decided or when.

As of this writing, the Peralta Community College District has ripped me off in the past four weeks to an amount in the low four figures, with promise of more theft to come this Fall.

Not good.

So what is good? Gittin' paid for blogging!

Matty Boy FTW, as the young people say!

Over at The Other Blog back in late February, I reported on Us Weekly's story about reality TV star Kristin Cavallari possibly going to drug rehab. Just this week, someone saw this post and decided it would be a great place to put a link to the website of their very nice rehab center in Southern California. They thought it was such a good idea, they even agreed to pay me for the link! Yes, someone is giving Matty Boy a check in the high two figures for a link on his blog!

Things are looking up!

Of course, this means I may never get a chance to blog for my country in the Olympics now that I've turned pro, but
  1. I don't recall that anyone asked me and
  2. the rules for Olympic status have become more lax since Avery Brundage died, so even that minor downside may be avoided.
To re-iterate, if you have a drug dependency problem AND you are in the Palm Springs area AND you have several nickels to rub together, choosing this rehab center looks like a very good option. I don't know if this even remotely describes any of my readers, but if it does, go ahead and click though the link.

And I'm not just sayin' that 'cos I'm gittin' PAID.

That would be wrong.


Matty Boy said...

For those who have trouble with the "figures" way of stating numbers, here's a helpful guide.

High two figures = just under $100.

Low four figures = just over $1,000.

Low six figures = just over $100,000.

Glad to be of service.

Note: I stole the "high two figures" gag from Calvin Trillin, who mentioned that as his pay for articles in The Nation from the parsimonious Victor Navasky.

dguzman said...

SWEET! I'm so proud of you!