Friday, July 30, 2010

Random 10, 7/30/10

In Every Dream Home Joe Jackson
I Can't Turn You Loose Was (Not Was)
Low Symphony: Some Are (Glass/Bowie/Eno) Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra
I Hold You Hand In Mine Tom Lehrer
Breakaway Tracey Ullman
I Must Be I Love The Rutles
In The Backroom Brian Eno and John Cale
Picture This Blondie
Just a Girl No Doubt
Get The Party Started Pink

Interesting patterns in the randomness this week. We get three songs by funny people in the middle of the list with Tom Lehrer, Tracey Ullman and The Rutles, featuring Eric Idle and Neil Innes. At the end of the list, we get, listed in chronological order no less, three hot chicks who are supposed to be kinda tough chicks.

I think they are hotter than they are tough. Your mileage may vary. The inclusion of the song by Pink means we do have one tune from this century, but the bulk of this list is about twenty to thirty years old, which is par for the course when listening to iTunes on an old person's computer.

Whatcoo listenin' to?

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