Monday, July 19, 2010

Week O' Whinin' 2010: First post about theft

On Friday, I had both my bicycle wheels stolen in broad daylight in downtown Oakland. Of course, I was "asking for it" because I only chained the frame to the bike stand, not both wheels as well. The fact that I've been parking the bike like this in public for several years now is no excuse, according to the people who tell me I was asking for it.

So, I'm out about $200 today as I pick up my bike with two new wheels, tires, inner tubes and the gears for the rear tire. I'll also spring for an extra cable that will make it tougher for thieves to steal the tires.

I honestly don't feel I was asking for it. Bruce McCullough of Kids In The Hall very eloquently expresses how I feel about the situation.

Since the theft occurred in broad daylight on a busy street, Bruce also expresses my feelings about the people who might have seen the theft take place.

Tomorrow: I experience theft at a larger scale from people who allegedly know better.


Fran said...

Oh Matty, I am so sorry. I love the KITH skits, but it really is not funny.

Deserve? Oh I hate anyone who says you deserved any of this.

Abu Scooter said...

In the US, targeting bicycles for theft is one of the most pointless property crimes possible. Do these morons seriously think they're stealing from Lance Armstrong? Unless it happens in some tony Contra Costa burg, it's just the poor stealing from the poor.

namastenancy said...

Curses upon all bike thieves! All of my bike riding friends have had this happen to them. Some of them have caught the thieves in the act, chased them down the street, only to watch the thief escape because he's got wheels and they don't. You sure didn't need to have this happen - maybe you can set up a Paypay account for friends to chip in and help defray the cost of a new bike?

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for the concern. I do want to make it clear. this is Week O' Whinin', NOT Week O' Beggin'.

namastenancy said...

Well, I'd contribute if you waved a begging bowl. It's little enough reward for all the interesting and/or amusing posts for the years.