Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey, Google! What's the big idea?

On the other blog, I decided to monetize, which means Google puts ads up that they think will reach the right target market. Currently, I've earned a little over $44 and they pay off at $100, so I expect to get paid almost exactly the same time as Dr. Harold Camping says the world will end. Maybe I'll spend it on something nice but frivolous.

Ice cream for everybody!

Google chooses the ads that go up on the blog and part of the formula for pay is how many clicks the ads get. I don't want to tell them their business, but currently the ad that always shows up is a PG&E ad for more effective shower nozzles.

In Chinese.

Seriously, even if I'm getting good traffic on the site, how many of the people who read my blog are going to click through to an ad in Chinese for shower nozzles? It's almost like Google is trying to cheat both PG&E and me.

But they wouldn't do that because of that whole "don't be evil" vibe over there.


Another ad that shows up only sporadically on my blog is for a column on the gossip website called Naughty But Nice with Rob Shuter. There is absolutely no question that this is a perfect fit for the readers of my blog about the supermarket rags. Heck, I've clicked on it a few times myself.

So, all you smart and not evil folks over at Google, my gossip blog is in English and not Chinese, that's one.

My blog is about gossip and is about gossip. That's yet another one.

Here's one and one. See if you can add them up.

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