Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Now I understand why people hate Brett Favre.

If you are a right thinking American, or indeed a person of any nation with a lick of sense, you care about the decision making process of Brett Favre to the sum of zero.

Sadly, I am not a right thinking American in this case. I am in a fantasy football league. As my game playing friend Jodi says, fantasy football is Dungeons & Dragons for the guys who beat up people who really play Dungeons & Dragons.

So now, all my Poindexter dweeb calculations are up in the air because Favre may or may not return to NFL for the jillionth time, especially because my league is having the draft on Sunday, two full weeks before the season begins. If he returns and if his ankle is healthy, he should be a starting quarterback for one of the twelve teams in the league in which I play. The returning part looks pretty obvious as of this morning, given that he is following his coy routine of the past few years. The ankle surgery is the big if.

With any luck, I'll pick up one of the quarterbacks that should be better than he is and let somebody else pull the trigger on adding this high-strung prima donna to his or her roster. But regardless of that future event, I am now drinking the Hater-ade when anybody mentions Brett Favre.


Jess Wundrun said...

Pick Aaron Rogers regardless. You can't imagine the loathing for Favre we've got here in Cheeseland.

Matty Boy said...

Hey, Jess! Nice to hear from you. Aaron Rogers is a great choice, but there's twelve teams in the league, so I'm not going to be able to get all the best players.

Whoever gets the first pick and therefore gets Chris Johnson is going to have a huge advantage, because if 2010 goes anything like 2009, he's massively better than the next running back. Aaron's only a little better than the next quarterback.

Margaret Benbow said...

",,,loathing for Favre" in Cheeseland? Hey, Jesse, speak for yourself! My own feeling is that he gave so much joy to us Cheeseheads, for so many years, that if he gets a little foolish in his old age we can still smile and say, 'Thanks for the memories, Brett.'