Friday, August 6, 2010

Random 12+1, 8/6/10: Summer Dance Party

Waterloo (English Version) ABBA
Ranking Full Stop The English Beat
American Squirm Nick Lowe
Get Up Offa That Thing James Brown
Ignition (Remix) R. Kelly
Doo Wop (That Thing) Lauryn Hill
Knickerbocker Fujiya & Miyagi
Reet Petite Jackie Wilson
One Mint Julep Ray Charles
Only You Yaz
Red Red Wine UB40
Little Floater NRBQ
Bonus track:
Sign of the Times The Belle Stars

For a little change of pace, I put together a dance mix on my iTunes this week, about 100 songs out of the 1,200 stored on my computer. Then I set the shuffle on this subset and here we go!

I could have invoked the Padre Mickey rule after Mister James Brown does Get Up Offa That Thing, but this is a party, not a critic's session. Pull up another tune and keep the dance floor full. Besides, as little as I might think of R. Kelly as a human being, you gotta love the remix to Ignition. The dozen songs bounce all over the place, but since it seemed intent to end on a note of drinking (Red Red Wine) and driving (Little Floater), I decided to put in one more track, which happened to be from the great New Wave girl group The Belle Stars, who recorded for the wonderful Stiff Records. It is therefore only appropriate to remember one of the many slogans of Stiff.

F*%k art, let's dance!


Padre Mickey said...

Kickin' list, dude!

Matty Boy said...

Though I say it myself, the dance music list on my computer is all killer, no filler.

I'm going to do this four times a year, once every season.

dguzman said...

Nice work, sir!

Tengrain said...


I see we both were in Summer mode.



namastenancy said...

Shake it, Shake IT, SHAKE IT BABY! Twist and shout.
Great list.