Friday, August 20, 2010

Random 2, 8/20/10, Padre Mickey Rule invoked

Another Nail From My Heart Squeeze
I Wanna Be Your Lover Prince

I listened to the eight songs that would have filled out the list. There were some good ones, but nothing as good as this early hit from The Purple One. It's a great example of a simple groove with layer after layer of hooks. It was his first big hit, and while I won't say it's his very best, I will say this guy is one of the ten best American songwriters of the past fifty years.


Padre Mickey said...

Yeah, Prince tends to bring a list to a screeching halt, kinda like James Brown; there's a very good chance it won't get any bettah!

I stopped at numbah nine today.

Padre Mickey said...

That first song 'tain't nuttin' to be sneezed at, neither!

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