Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ellis Jerry Powell for AC Transit Board

I usually don't talk much about my students, current or former. What goes on in the classroom stays in the classroom is my motto.

I'll make an exception in the case of Ellis Jerry Powell, who is running for the AC Transit Board At Large seat against an appointed incumbent who shall remain nameless. Ellis is entering politics for the first time because he cares about public transportation and the effect of budget cuts on the community, especially the cuts in weekend bus service that hit people who work weekends and the people who need the bus to go to church.

If you live in the East Bay and you see his name on your ballot, please put your mark next to it. I applaud Ellis for getting involved in politics at the local level to make sure people have a voice in the services that are important to their lives and livelihood. He has my vote and my support.


Anonymous said...

Why should I vote for Powell? This is a serious question. I am leaning towards Mr. Powell but I am unable to find any evidence to support a decision either way. Thank you for anything you can provide

Anonymous said...

yes. I have by vote-by-mail ballot here with me and I have my pen in hand. where's the beef?

trood said...

Mr. Powell has hurt his chances by not providing any candidate statement to or the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. I'd love to support a reform candidate but he needs to step up and tell us why he's the one to vote for.

Matty Boy said...

I understand your position. I sent him a check and he is the only candidate who I sent money to who did not get back to me. I am voting for him and I'll keep this post up - a lot of people are finding it on Google - but I wish he was showing more seriousness.