Friday, September 3, 2010

Random 9, 9/3/10 Padre Mickey rule invoked

Flower's Grave Tom Waits
Rider in the Rain Randy Newman
Enchanted The Platters
Reconsidering Our Love Matthew Hubbard and Michael Dresbach
Your Mind Is On Vacation Mose Allison
Ramon Laurie Anderson
The Golddigger's Song (We're in the Money) Fred Astaire
Children Will Listen Bernadette Peters
September Gurls Big Star

Kind of a quiet mood from the Random DJ this morning. Surprising how many songs aren't up on The You Tubes for late 2010. I didn't expect that Hubbard and Dresbach thang to be there, but Laurie and Fred are big stars and they should be represented. Speaking of big stars, Big Star shows up with a song more jangly than the rest of the Random 10, but the title fits the date so well, I'm going to invoke Padre Mickey's rule and make this one a Random 9.

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