Sunday, September 26, 2010

You learn something new every day, if you aren't careful.

I can't say I learn much doing the research for the other blog, It's News 2 Them, since I don't believe most of what I read. When a good chunk of the stories in the supermarket rags are denied by all parties involved, I don't have the resources to find out who is telling the truth and who is just making stuff up.

But the usually unreliable Globe told a story this week, and it had several facts I was not aware of, as well as several I already did know. Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine were sisters, and both were Oscar winners. Their feud back in the day was well documented.

That's the stuff I knew.

Did you know both of them are still alive? Yes, Olivia just turned 94 and Joan is 92 and THEY STILL HATE EACH OTHER'S GUTS!

I checked all this stuff. Still alive and the feud is still on as of two years ago, reported by an honest to Lenny real newspaper in the U.K., the Independent.

While it doesn't show all the maturity in the world, you have to give them points for perseverance.


dguzman said...

Wait a minute, seriously? They're both still alive? Holy hell. Wow.

Still on Joan's side. Olivia was supposed to be a beeyotch, according to my mom (who, in her youth, was always up on that kind of gossip somehow).

Padre Mickey said...

From what I heard, they both grew up in Saratoga, California, and attended Los Gatos (Las Gaddis) High School.

La palabra de verificación es ingless.
¡Que divertíto¡ ¿verdad?

Matty Boy said...

dguz: You may be right about who is to blame. Older sisters can be that way. But Olivia was a rebel who fought the studio and won, so I wouldn't be surprised if Warner Bros. planted stories to play up the beeyotch angle after she kicked their asses in court all the way from here to there.

Padre: You are correct, sir! In a bit of an opposite spin from your life, the sisters were born in Tokyo and move to California when the family was transferred, a mirror of you being born in California and moving to Okinawa in your youth.

sfmike said...

Now this is what I call Information.

Distributorcap said...

amazing at 94 they have enough energy to still hate.......

i still remember Joan getting eaten by a shark in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

and Olivia not having fun in Hush Hush sweet charlotte.