Monday, October 4, 2010

Fantasy football update: first third of the regular season

My fantasy football team, the Mutant Mercenaries, is 2-2 after four weeks of play. If the playoffs started today, the team would not be in, but the league is closely bunched and good things could happen.

In the interests of full disclosure, bad things could happen, too. My top draft pick Chris Johnson has had two excellent games and two lackluster games. Last season he was pretty much excellent week in and week out. My QB, Matt Schaub of the Houston Texans, was chosen because he played on a team that was often behind without much of a running game. This year, a back named Arian Foster has been a breakout performer in several games, so the Matt Schaub calculated risk is looking more like a calculated bust. As for my first backup QB, Alex Smith of the 49ers, the less said the better. He is no longer wearing a Mercenary uniform, whatever that is.

All the games for week 4 are through, but the official NFL stats can change after the games. There is currently only one undefeated team at 3-0. In week 4, his game currently has him losing by less than a half a point as it now stands. Games like this sometimes switch outcomes when the final stats are in. In any case, I play the previously undefeated team next week. If I catch a little luck, my position could improve dramatically.

It could also go straight into the dumper. Nothing is guaranteed.

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