Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to lose votes and irritate people.

I don't pay that much attention to local politics, but over the past few months it's been hard to ignore. Early in October, I got a call from Pat Kernighan's campaign asking for my support. The person on the line gave me a rundown of the many civic improvements Kernighan lobbied hard for, and I listened attentively and said I would support her.

"Pat also supports Don Perata for mayor..." the caller said.

"Oooh, you just lost a vote." I told her.

Back in September, before the phone call, there was a leaflet on my door in my apartment building, an unusual occurrence since we have a gate. One of my neighbors, Jennifer Pae, was running for office and wanted to talk to folks about what their many concerns are. I didn't get back to her, lazy sod that I am, but I did file the name away.

She's running against Pat Kernighan. If you feel as strongly as I do that Don Perata is the wrong choice for Oakland, and you have a vote in District 2, please vote for Jennifer Pae.


Mocha Taboo said...

The volunteer who told you Pat endorsed Perata was incorrect, she has not made any mayoral endorsement.

Anonymous said...

But Pat is endorsed by Perata and Perata DID send out an independent expenditure mailer to folks in Chinatown advertising both his run for mayor and her run for City Council on the same mailer.

I'm proudly voting for Jennifer Pae and support your words.