Saturday, October 30, 2010

Live blogging the top of the ninth, game 3

Here's the top of the ninth for the Giants. They are down 4-2, two homers to two homers, but the Rangers had two on for their first one. The Rangers bring on Neftali Feliz, their fireballing rookie closer.

Feliz vs. Pat Burrell. Two pitches, two strikes, brings one inside for ball one. Gets him on a 98 mph fastball. Burrell gets the collar, three strikeouts in three at bats.

Feliz vs. Cody Ross. Starts off Cody with two hard strikes. Cody flies out deep.

Feliz vs. Juan Uribe. High with the first pitch. Throws the second one by him. Outside for 2-1. Swing and a miss at a 97 mph low fast ball. Last strike for the Giants. Fouled back a 99 mph fastball. Scary stuff. Fanned him! Rangers win.

Giants now lead 2-1. This was a must win game for the Rangers and so is tomorrow to tell the truth. I still like the Giants' chances. This is the fun time.

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