Saturday, October 16, 2010

Matty Boy, Shaper of Public Opinion.

So I was lounging around my palatial penthouse suite the other evening when I get a phone call. A young woman is on the other end of the line, begging to know my opinion on the important issues of the day.

I know the question on your mind. Why should this night be different from any other night?

The young woman was calling from a company called Ipsos. She was very pleasant, though from their logo it appears they mainly hire Chia pets. She asked me questions about upcoming election in California. It just so happens that with all the questions she asked, good class warrior that I am, I was voting no on the rich stealing from the poor. No on 23. No on Whitman. No on Fiorina. She asked me some demographic questions and the call went smoothly.

She also let me ask her some questions about her job. As a statistics teacher, I was wondering how many people hang up on her. She couldn't give a reliable number, but she did say if someone was willing to answer one question, it was usually an "in for a penny, in for a pound" situation.

In the coming days, you may see a poll from Ipsos giving numbers on the upcoming California contests. You may wonder what sort of people they talked to. Rest assured, they were talking to bright and well-informed people, and the interviewers were pleasant and competent.


sfmike said...

And I'm one of those awful people who hang up on the nice young woman wanting my opinion after I've asked the question, "Are you offering a gift for my time?" and hearing the flustered rustling of paper as they look in the script for the answer to that one.

Matty Boy said...

I get paid in the brain, as They Might Be Giants wrote. But they said that about drinking alcohol, so it might not be the perfect analogy.