Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do I do for a living? Why, you writing a book?

I was filling my mail-in ballot last night, or as Republicans now call it, participating in widespread voter fraud. I was looking at the candidates' listed occupations.

Candymaker. Community volunteer. Entrepreneur/Visionary/Businessman.

So far so good. I'm kinda wondering how much money is to be made in the visionary racket, but no matter. There are only two candidates on the ballot who do not list what they do for a living. One is a no-hope, down ballot loser from the American Independent Party, the racist remnants of George Wallace's third party attempt from forty years ago.

The other man with no visible means of support is Don Perata, the completely corrupt scumbag who has the most money to spend to become Mayor of Oakland. Even if he wasn't the epitome of a back room wheeler/dealer, I'm getting tired of the Oakland mayor's race being the Senior Tour of California state politics. First Jerry Brown, then Ron Dellums. Let's start hiring from the local pool instead of getting these retreads from Sacramento and Washington.

The East Bay Express recommends voting for Rebecca Kaplan, Jean Quan or Joe Tuman. Since we have Ranked Choice Voting, you can vote for all three in some combination, though you should know the person you put first is likely going to be your choice unless there are multiple run-offs. Personally, I put them in the order given above.

There's also a Peralta College Trustee running for mayor. No way in hell I vote for somebody in the hierarchy that is doing its best to steal from me personally.

I also didn't give a vote to the Entrepreneur/Visionary/Businessman. One slash in a job title is dodgy, two slashes screams "FLAKE".

But most importantly, vote No on Don Perata. That man needs to find honest employment, though I don't think he has any idea on how to start looking.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having as much fun as we are here on the East Coast. Is it time for us to run yet?