Sunday, November 7, 2010

A disturbing realization.

My mom was very pretty. She modeled before she got married. I wish I could find one of the more glamorous pictures of her, but I'm not sure who has one. This picture will do the trick. If you can take your eyes off her very fine stems for a moment, you'll see she had a long elegant nose and high cheekbones. When she was young, people often compared her to Joanne Woodward. Other actresses who look like her include Cloris Leachman, and if we go a generation younger, Meryl Streep.

Mom was pretty. So far, so good.

Consider the women whose pictures I put up when lazy blogging. First among equals is Indira Varma and her nigh perfect collarbone. If our eyes stray upward, we might notice she has a long elegant nose and high cheekbones.

Of course, my mom had a light complexion and blond hair, while Ms. Varma is much darker.

Still. Hmm.

Then we have Julie Newmar. If I put up a picture featuring her spectacular gams, many people might never get around to looking at her face.

Long elegant nose.

High cheekbones.

Pattern emerging.

Melissa Theuriau. There's nobody like Melissa Theuriau. Her eyes are actually gold not brown. I don't think I've ever seen eyes her color anywhere else except on some felines. She is impossibly angelic.

Okay, okay, she has a long elegant nose and high cheekbones.

Hey, Matty Boy? Wasn't The Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman the first time you felt those funny feelings? Allison Hayes was quite the looker, wasn't she? If you can take your eyes off her obvious charms, doesn't she have kind of a long elegant nose and high cheekbones?

Those are many good questions, hypothetical question asker. Let me give them all one well-considered answer.

Shut up.


Karlacita! said...

You know who really looks like her is that very tall model you posted standing next to a regular sized woman (or man, I can't remember). She was a ringer for Ma!

Matty Boy said...

Yes, that was Ricki Covette, the burlesque dancer from the 1960s who billed herself as 6'8" tall. Her career ended long before I was old enough to go into a burlesque house, but you do have a point, li'l sister.

Anonymous said...

I was in love with Peggy Fleming, does that help?

Matty Boy said...

How much does Peggy Fleming look like your mom, Victor?

namastenancy said...

I'm in love with all these ladies, except for your mom who looks like a darling. If guys fall for women who look like their mother, then the reverse is supposedly true and women should fall for men who look like their father. I'm glad, VERY glad to say that none of these women look like my mother and I have never fallen for a guy who looked like my father. So, I'm sure that you are perfectly safe in liking what you like - and I sure hope that you don't stop posting photos of these gorgeous women. No questions from here - just appreciation.

Matty Boy said...

I never said I would stop posting pictures of them. In fact, Indira Varma has been added to the cast of the TV show Human Target as the bitch boss, so I'll definitely be following this on Hulu.

What am I trying to say? As the young people put it, I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.