Friday, November 12, 2010

The done blowed up function

My other blog It's News 2 Them™ saw a very dramatic increase in viewership this week, with the biggest day this week being yesterday, when there were 5,000 separate page hits. That is a stunning number. Before this, neither this blog or the gossip blog had made it to 5,000 hits in a week.

As I have written before, I expect the other blog will eventually surpass the numbers from this blog, even when counting in the nearly three year head start Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do has. But 5,000 hits a day translates to 1.8 million hits a year! Those are numbers for the really big boys.

This blog still has a lot more regular readers than the gossip blog, but that should change over time as well. This blog is just me yapping about whatever passes through my brain each day. The other blog is about the foibles of celebrities.

One of those premises has a large built in market. I'll let you guess which one.

I don't believe this upward pattern is permanent yet, largely because it is currently so dependent on a single Google search. Way back in May, I reported on a tabloid headline that said Loretta Lynn was living in a bus. The story is probably true. Miss Loretta Lynn is a country superstar, the biggest living legend there is. Country music fans revere their enduring stars. She's on tour a hell of a lot, and that means she probably lives in her tour bus, which I have heard is really big and very luxurious. A whole passel of people are doing searches for "Loretta Lynn living on bus" and my site is up near the top.

There is a second Google search that is adding a noticeable amount of traffic as well. For the very first time this year, one of the supermarket rags mentioned Miley Cyrus and blamed her for her parents' divorce. Miley is already a big favorite on the Internet gossip sites, but the checkout stand gossip sheets have an older demographic, and out of control young bimbos pretty much have to get arrested or rushed to the hospital for the tabloids to care.

In conclusion, let me state the official position of It's News 2 Them™ on both these topics.

1. Don't say bad things about Miss Loretta Lynn.

2. Somebody needs to give Miley Cyrus a three year timeout. That girl's crazy.


dguzman said...

Nobody better say a bad thing about LO-retty. I'll cut a bitch.

Matty Boy said...

As I have said before, people who had a Number 1 hit with "She's Got You" are off limits. That list starts with Miss Patsy Cline and ends with Miss Loretta Lynn.

If this rule is violated, cutting bitchez becomes a option.