Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random 10+1, 11/14/10

Bushfire The B-52s
Who Are You Tom Waits
Let The Good Times Roll Shirley & Lee
Ghost of a Smile The Pogues
Till You Come Back To Me Aretha Franklin
Burning Down The House Talking Heads
Your Racist Friend They Might Be Giants
A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing) Elvis Costello & Ross McManus
Once Markéta Irglová and Glen Hansard
Crosscut Saw Albert King

Bonus track: Ghost Riders In The Sky Burl Ives

I was an inch away from stopping this list once Tom Waits shows up, but I haven't had enough Pogues on these lists and I love the songs by Aretha, Talking Heads, TMBG and Albert King. The one song not on The You Tubes is a strange little tune Elvis Costello wrote in the style of Ennio Morricone, with his dad Ross on the trumpet.

Also, when the eleventh tune just happened to be my first contribution to The You Tubes, the great Burl Ives' version of Ghost Riders In The Sky from sixty one years ago, I couldn't resist adding it in.

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