Thursday, December 23, 2010

Common ground with Pat Robertson?

I disagree with Pat Robertson more often than any other person on the national stage in the past thirty years. Here's a guy who wanted to nuke the State Department under the Bush 43 administration. He can get up a hatred for Hindus and Presbyterians that most right-wing whack jobs reserve for the Muslims and nobody else. He has said the Antichrist is probably alive today and is a Jew living in Israel. He was pro-apartheid and he is still pro-assassination.

Think of a crazy person on the national stage and Pat probably has that guy (or gal) beat in spades and trump.

So it definitely counts as news that Pat Robertson has come out in favor of marijuana de-criminalization. I don't know what has changed his mind or made him choose now to make his feelings known, but after countless decades of the war on drugs, Pat has come to the remarkably sane conclusion that it's not working very well. He thinks putting young people through the criminal justice system for a small amount of weed is ruining their lives for no good reason. My best guess is that some of his parishioners or relatives have kids put through the hell of a criminal record following them around, making it harder to get jobs or attend school, and because he thinks of the kids he knows as good people, maybe he realizes they are just representatives of the thousands of people in the same situation.

Agreeing with Pat Robertson feels funny, and not funny in a good way. I almost wonder if I'm missing part of the equation, but no. I've got it right and he's got it right. We just need some politicians to realize it's up to them to stop doing something that isn't working and to try something new.

I guess we should give the baby Jesus some credit for finally knocking some sense into the good Reverend's noggin, because somebody who Robertson thinks is the baby Jesus has been knocking the crazy into his head since the Truman administration, if not earlier.


Anonymous said...

I was rather shocked to read this but ya know, you are probably right that his followers have kids who are serving time and it's time to cut the crap on MJ.

Matty Boy said...

You don't even have to serve time. If all you get is a fine and probation, you have a criminal record and suddenly you can't get student loans, it's brought up anytime you look for a job and if you get a job that needs a security clearance, you are out of luck.

Anonymous said...
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