Sunday, December 19, 2010

Credit where credit is due.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, a pathetic joke of a compromise signed into law by Bill Clinton, is now dead. The Republicans, who somehow think they can make political hay saying no to anything and everything, including health aid for the first responders on September 11, did not stand as a monolithic group of assholes on this topic.

Who's the guy who stood up and said, "Yo, I got this."?

Joe Lieberman, despised turncoat and overall whiny weasel.

I kind of hate Joe Lieberman. I looked for quite a while to find a picture of him that didn't make me want to punch the screen. This is the best I could do.

But now, a bad law is history and the guy who talked several Republicans away from the creepy regressive party dogma is old Droopy Dog himself.

A quick note of thanks to Senator Leiberman, even if I can't go a whole post without saying how I really feel about him.


Zoey and Me said...

The whole thing has been a sham for day one. I was in the military and worked with gays and lesbians daily and it was no big deal. This issue is with the brass wanting to kick ass when they find a homo in their ranks. I gotta tell ya, there are a lot of assholes at the top who only know plotting maneuvers and nothing about humanity. Good post, I hate LIEberman too.

sfmike said...

Oh, fuck him. And as a homo, let me say that one of the few things that were actually cool about growing up "that way" is that you didn't have to worry about marriage or the military draft if you were honest with yourself and the world. I know some gay people want to enter those particular worlds, but I never have.

Matty Boy said...

I'm not a homo, but a career in the military was never of any interest to me. Still, if someone wants that job, being a hairdresser shouldn't mean they are barred from serving.

Margaret Benbow said...

Yes, Leiberman did something right. But I think we can and should still hate him because he did almost everything else wrong. And his voice is even worse than Palin's.

dguzman said...

Ditto on being a homo who never wanted to join the military. But it did piss me off when gay friends did but had to be closeted about it. I just couldn't understand why they'd want to do that to themselves. Now they don't have to. Too bad we have Joe LIE-berman to thank. Jerk.