Friday, December 17, 2010

Larry King, meet Big Ugly Stick. Big Ugly Stick, Larry King.

I've been doing what I can to stay positive on this blog. I get enough negativity and snarkiness on The Other Blog, thanks very much, and since the Other Blog is about gossip magazines, the negativity and snarkiness are intrinsic. Here, I try to talk about stuff I like.

Today, I take The Big Ugly Stick out of its case, do a few stretching exercises and take some well place whacks at the corpse of the career of Larry King.

As much as I believe in education, it can't be denied that you can rise to the very top here in the United States being dumb as a post, untalented and completely unprepared. Take a look at this picture from a 2001 Inaugural party, nicked from a slideshow over at Talking Points Memo.

From left to right: Larry King, Ricky Martin, George W. Bush, Jessica Simpson and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

If I asked you for 800 pounds of no talent or brains and you didn't send me those five, I'd probably ask you to try again. In fairness, Martin and Simpson are at least easy on the eyes.

I used to think Ronald Reagan was the worst thing that happened to American education in the past 50 years, since it showed you could rise to the very top with no preparation or intellectual curiosity. Larry King might have been worse. However you want to rank those two, we have a herd of people we have let into the national conversation every bit as stupid as King and Reagan, due in no small measure to how far those two lowered the bar. Bush is clearly duller than Reagan, and he looks like Bertrand Russell compared to Sarah Palin. Who knows what flatworm we will get that will limbo under her standard of mental competence.

Without any political bias against him, I loathe him with an intensity I usually reserve for people like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. He cannot leave the stage a moment too soon, but in truth, the damage is already done.

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